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Some of the app features Stay in the loop of family, friends, and organizations you might be a part of like schools, sports teams, employers, and more.

Connect with your community

Add links and Join loops to stay connected to the most important people in your life.

Discover service providers

See who your friends and family trust and love by browsing member’s kudos.

Kudos: Our way of showing good service providers

When people in your loops give kudos to another member, it's because they highly recommend them. This makes it easier for you to trust people like babysitters when you're looking for one.


Dads can easily see what’s going on in their home and have an easy way to reach out and get a sitter. Nannies can have an easy way to keep parents current without “bothering” them during work.

Maintain Privacy

Create a locked friends or family only loop, making it safe to share personal photos and plans.

Here are some details

What makes our app different is the service providing profiles within the social network. With our loops you can create quickposts, which makes keeping people updated easier than texting. Only social network available where you can see who your friends are using and trust using in their home.

I have been a nanny for 10+ years and I saw a serious need in the market for this product. I am very passionate to make the childcare searching process safer and easier. I also am very passionate about keeping parents connected to their most important thing in the world, their children. I believe that every parent should know what is going on in their home, at all times and know what their children are doing. It’s their right and we are going to make knowing as easy as picking up their phone. We are going to execute by launching our free social network for all to use.

Some of the app screenshots Take a look out our amazing app and how we're changing the connections between communities and families.

Our awesome little team Lauren has been in the family service industry for years and her team backs her up with the experience in their niches as well.